Yoga is not about seeking and searching, but about awakening and coming home to that which we already are. The process and practice of getting to know myself as I enter my third decade as a yoga practitioner has been one of befriending the shadow side of myself, celebrating the light side, and knowing the beauty of life lives in the simple everyday moments in between. It allows me to show up and serve in ways I never imagined I could. It allows me to be as present and clear as possible with my family, and totally transparent and honest when I am not. It allows me to see all challenges in relations and interactions as a mirror.

When I find myself asking “why is this happening to me,” I can now instead reframe as “how is this coming from me, and how can I shift the evolution of this moment?” This is why I teach : to emanate this sentiment to my students that a simple shift in perspective, a tiny articulation to a position of the body, or a deeper breath, can bring a sense of clarity and freedom we might not have otherwise known exists.

Lauren has taught yoga in Fort Worth, Texas since 2009. She is 500-hour certified through Yoga Alliance with Jason Crandell, and her teacher for all offerings heart and soul is Elena Brower. Judith Lasater, Ana Forrest, and Rod Stryker also inform her practice and teaching. She is Reiki attuned level one and two, certified in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, and leads mindfulness sessions to public school children through the Mindful Schools method. A devotee of yoga since 1994, she keeps her studentship very close with the belief that the most effective teachers are deeply dedicated to their personal practice. Her practice is her service. In her classes, one can expect both challenging movement and restful ease, with an undercurrent of nervous system down-regulation to help her students access the quiet place that resides inside.