A two-hour Sunday Service yoga class with Lauren

Join Lauren Wessinger for this two-hour extended practice including movement and rest, breath work and meditation…and as always an element of modern application of this ancient practice. 

Sunday March 24th | 10:30am - 12:30pm 


at Blue Morpho Fort Worth

essence : april 6

A study session, lecture, and discussion on the text that describes the essence of yoga : the Yoga Sutras.

This workshop is for all students of yoga. Even if you’re also a teacher of the practice, your consistent studentship and development of self-awareness and self-knowledge will continue to serve your teaching for years to come. The Yoga Sutras don’t have to be complicated, although the way they’re often presented can make them the most challenging material to study and learn. This workshop will begin the discussion from the ground up. Whether you’re brand new to this text or have been teaching for 10 years, this will be a rich afternoon with something for everyone.

Saturday April 6th | 3 - 6pm


My house. Address sent upon registration.


A two-hour Sunday Service yoga class with Lauren

With good clean geometry in postures and with intentional breathing, develop your capacity to move through everything presented to you in life with more resilience and grace. From strength to flow, breath to discussion,  meditation to Nidra, expect to leave with a sense of quiet strength.

Sunday April 14th | 12:30 - 2:30pm 

Option to stay after class for a discussion on utilizing essential oils in meditation practice from 2:30 - 3pm.


at Indra’s Grace Fort Worth