How would it feel to have your own private teaching mentor for four months?

Hone in on your strengths and develop the qualities that make you unique. Elevate your teaching with a personal mentor who gives you the hard-to-hear yet loving feedback that makes you a great teacher. 

What could you accomplish if you had a life coach for four months?

Refine all aspects of your life from heart to body to relationships to mind. Evolve the areas of your life that still feel underdeveloped. 

Welcome to Evolve + Refine – A Mentorship for Yoga Teachers. 

Join Lauren and Shannon for a four month private yoga teaching and life practice mentorship program. As yoga teachers and life practitioners, our inner and outer worlds are constantly moving in and out of alignment with each other. The work of a respected leader and an effective teacher is to continue to bring these two worlds into balance, every single day and in all areas of our lives. From that place, we can best offer the gifts of this practice to our students and support our professional lives from a place of stability and growth.

How does Life Coaching help you become a better yoga instructor?

The greatest yoga teachers live their lives in alignment with the spiritual principles they pass down to their students. Integral coaching will help you step into the best version of yourself so you can show up for your students with authenticity and power. By discovering your inner voice, you will be able to lead with grounded strength and wisdom.

Shannon practices “Integral Coaching” which includes everything about you and your world. Through a custom designed program, you will work within every component of your life including how you represent yourself, how you navigate  your social world, habits, relationship with your body, quality of self-care, spiritual life and rituals, amount of attention and energy available to take on change and much more.

How does private yoga mentorship help you become a better yoga instructor?

Graduating from a 200-hr teacher training program is exciting! It is a huge accomplishment as you’ve moved through many hours of sweat and tears, learning and exploring. But now what? 

Perhaps you’ve been teaching regularly for several years and desire a close mentor. In a time where the mentor/mentee relationship is more rare, many of us are searching for a guide. This guide gives you live and direct feedback and tells you the things that your close teacher friends won’t because they love you, but it’s often those exact things that once known propel your teaching ahead. 

Receive guidance on your questions :

How can I teach a physically impactful class while leaving my students feeling moved, loved, changed, affected and always wanting to come back?

How can I incorporate pranayama, meditation or chanting into my classes without losing my longtime students who aren’t used to those practices?

How can I learn to teach to a broad group in one class, giving beginners the attention they need while still offering options for my seasoned yogis?

How are my voice and language when I teach and what needs refining?

Shannon and Lauren will be there for you between sessions as a source of support. As your support team, they’ll meet about you often to make sure they are creating a specialized program just for you and providing the best platform for change.

In addition to monthly group workshops, during the four-month mentorship program, you will meet one-on-one with Shannon and one-on-one with Lauren, once per month. Between sessions, you will have practices to do on your own to further growth.

How it all works:

  • Four, three-hour group workshops about once a month to bring you tools to refine your teaching, business and life skills.

  • Four, 60-90 minute private sessions with Lauren for live yoga teaching refinement.

  • Four 60-90 minute private sessions with Shannon for life coaching.

  • Homework for the duration of the mentorship.

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*includes all materials

You may join us remotely! Email Lauren to find out more. And…welcome to your highest self, Yogis!

The group weekend workshop topics are tailored to the needs of the group and will differ from series to series. Topics may include, but are not limited to:

  • Honing your unique gifts and unique voice

  • Voice and Language

  • Yoga Teacher as Entrepreneur

  • Financial goals – finding multiple revenue streams

  • Refine the hard skills of teaching

  • The Business of Yoga

    • building a website

    • planning a workshop

    • organizing a retreat

    • Social media

    • Building your brand

    • Bio and mission