Meditation practice helps us gain clarity when something feels uncertain. It can bring us to a place of less reactivity and more receptivity in our relationships, both personal and professional. Regular practice instills a quiet confidence and grows our capacity to handle whatever it is that life throws our way. Research shows consistent meditation practice can create changes in the brain that have long-lasting effects on our overall health and well-being. Meditation is more effective when practiced regularly as each time we sit the minutes layer and layer continuing to build a strong foundation. Below, please find a few short practices to get you started. For private or group instruction, contact Lauren directly.




Body Scan

A fifteen-minute meditation to move your awareness through your body toward total relaxation.

Past future.jpg

Past Future Meditation

A six-minute meditation to bring clarity to the habitual thinking that takes you away from the present moment.


Meditation for Parents

A short meditation intended to be practiced right before greeting your children at the end of a long day.