On Prenatal Yoga

Right livelihood…

In our 200-hr trainings, and anytime we’re teaching teachers, we always share the notion that over time it’s good to find your niche.

What makes you you? What do you offer as an instructor that is unique?

We don’t shy away from the fact that we share, study and practice an ancient and sacred method, AND…we believe in being compensated for this soul work.

We believe in helping our teachers become commercially viable and want to see them thrive and not struggle. Money is just another form of energy, and it’s also another form of relationship.

I have been teaching prenatal yoga as long as I’ve been teaching yoga…ten years and counting. I am so grateful to have found this niche for myself. It’s led to connections and opportunities, knowledge and student relationships that are still thriving today from many years ago.


Right transmission…

As students, there’s a feeling we can’t quite explain that transmits through the practice of yoga. It’s one of the reasons we keep going back.

As teachers, we begin to learn that there is a method to delivering that feeling, that it’s not just an accident. We also learn that as teachers we can get in the way of that feeling and often unconsciously sabotage it.

Imagine teaching a prenatal yoga class, and how potent that feeling must be to both student and teacher. Women creating a life, looking to yoga during a scared and powerful time, supported by the community of other women on the exact same path reminding each other that they’re not alone. It takes a strong instructor to hold space for this, and we are all strong instructors with the right training.

I partner with Forrest Yoga teacher, Shaman and doula Bridget Boland for our Prenatal Yoga and Energetics of Birthing Teacher Training as she is a master in the art of energetics. All the stuff that isn’t anatomy and postures and sequencing…she shares the methods that give richness and depth to make your class offering great and memorable, and provide support beyond the postures to your Mamas. 


 Right seeing…

Raise your hand if you’re a yoga instructor, and when a pregnant woman walks into your regular group class you have a tiny internal freak-out.

Or, you don’t freak out, but you just tell her to “listen to her body” and then ignore her for the rest of class.

What if instead you were equipped to see her, to hold space for her as the powerful yogi she is and include her fully as part of the group instead of exclude her? It’s absolutely doable, it just takes knowledge and practice.

It’s these exact skills Bridget and I share in Prenatal Yoga + Energetics of Birth Teacher Training.

Even if you never plan to teach prenatal yoga exclusively, this training will deepen your teacher toolbox for your group classes and private sessions. As yoga instructors, although it feels like we share so little of the full depth of our knowledge, a seasoned instructor knows regardless that our toolbox must be deep.

Training starts in September.