What Makes Our Yoga Teacher Training Unique

What Makes Our 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Unique

In a sea of yoga instructor certification trainings in Fort Worth, it can be challenging to pick the right one for you. 

We accept no more than 20 trainees and offer instruction in ratios of 1:10, 1:5, and 1:3 over the course of 5 months, allowing ample time to absorb the information and practice applying the knowledge. We meet for six weekends as a whole group and twice monthly in more intimate small group settings to offer live feedback and encouragement. We utilize weekly conference calls to remain connected and ensure that our live time together is maximized.  

We understand that yoga instructor trainings vary in how they address the history of yoga and yoga philosophy. The sutras offer us a wealth of instruction about how to grow even in our modern world. Therefore, we weave a sutra into the theme of each weekend. Additionally, in weekly conference calls, we discuss the yamas and niyamas and how they relate to our ethics as teachers, students, and humans. 

We teach functional anatomy and explicit alignment of yoga poses as well as philosophies for sequencing these poses. While we do not teach you to teach a brand of yoga, we do teach you to remain so grounded and embodied that you’re able to teach the student(s) in front of you exactly what they need. Many have questioned how this is possible. Philosopher Eugene Gendlin found that in therapy, the most important factor was a therapist who was grounded. We can apply this research to yoga - to everything, really. A grounded parent...a grounded husband...a grounded listener...a grounded leader - a grounded yoga teacher is more important than any single style of yoga. We share how teach a yoga sequence in which the instructor remains present to what’s occurring inside his or her body, while observing what’s happening in students’ bodies, too. 

In addition to the technical alignment of yoga postures and how to sequence classes safely, within the scope of each module, we emphasize how to adapt sequences to meet the vast needs of diverse student populations Having practiced yoga during pregnancy and conducted prenatal yoga trainings, Lauren teaches trainees how to adapt classes to meet the needs of pregnant students. Additionally, Amber teaches how to adapt yoga to people beyond the studio, specifically to those who have experienced unresolved trauma and/or whose mobility is limited. We believe that as we reframe the idea that if you have a body, it is in actuality a yoga body, and make yoga accessible to a wider audience, our community will become more mindful. 

Together, we are a solid team. At least once a weekend, we look at each other and say, “I’m so glad we’re doing this together.” We have tremendous respect for each other. Our shared trust in one another creates a safe container for the training to unfold. Lauren’s longtime meditation practice and work with Mindful Schools as well as Amber’s background in counseling and Somatic Experiencing influence our ability to hold and share sacred space. 

The Practice : a 200 hour Yoga Alliance Teacher Training is appropriate if you're a yoga practitioner seeking to deepen your understanding of the practice. Additionally, the training is thorough and unique enough that even registered yoga teachers will find it enriching. 

Additional things you learn in this yoga teacher training:

• an understanding of the connection between the physical body and subtle body
• ways to utilize sound to promote healing
• communication strategies which honor both nonviolence and truth
• formulas for speaking which encourage people to listen, promoting deeper intimacy and connection
• the science of the enneagram as it relates to work and life
• practices for improving mindfulness
• somatic techniques to reduce stress and down-regulate the nervous system
• exercises to find your niche audience and bolster your online presence and business

If you have reservations about whether you are “good enough” (whatever that means), click here.

You are, by the way, good enough. 
You are unique. 
Never will there be another soul exactly like you. 
And, our world needs what you have to offer. 


 Author : Amber Shumake