Corporate Wellness

The Mindful Project : Elevating Business Culture 

Mindfulness and yoga have gone mainstream, with companies as diverse as Google, Aetna, General Mills and Target all offering extensive programs to foster mindful practices among their workers. 

According to the World Health Organization, stress costs American businesses an estimated $300 billion annually. Investing in Corporate Wellness for employees can help any company improve its overall working environment and reduce costs.

Mindfulness for Business

The number one goal in providing mindfulness meditation in a business environment is to reduce stress. When employees can manage their own stress levels more effectively, memory improves, resilience to handle high pressure situations increases, and creativity increases. Less reactivity from individuals leads to a more productive team overall. Lauren designed this unique Mindfulness for Business program to be shared in frequent small bites. Research shows that short daily practices create longer lasting changes in the brain than one long practice less often. From an employee retention side, when an employer provides wellness practices during the workday on company time, even just 20 minutes once a week feels like a gift and builds morale.

How does a typical mindfulness session look and feel?

  • We come to you and lead once or twice weekly Mindfulness for Business classes.

  • Each session lasts about 20 minutes and can be scheduled at any time during the day.

  • Sessions can take place in a conference room or in an office seated in chairs. No other materials are required. 

  • After a short check-in and introduction of the mindfulness technique of the day, your team will be led through a mindfulness practice and then be guided on how to continue to use the technique throughout the workday to manage stress.

Mindfulness is now used in offices around the world to help employees and companies:

  • Reduce stress and improve their reaction to stress

  • Reduce sick days and overall health costs

  • Reduce employee turnover through a more calm and supportive workplace

  • Improve innovative thinking, productivity, and communication skills

  • Improve sleep


Bringing yoga to your office can foster a sense of community and invite your staff to engage in a healthy way to shake off the week and lower stress levels. When employees feel good in their bodies, they feel better in their minds and have more steady energy levels. Yoga classes are led by certified instructors and can be anywhere from 30-90 minutes long. You may choose between a regular yoga class or a chair yoga class.

Chair Yoga:

  • Regular attire, no need to change out of work clothes.

  • May be done seated at desks, or seated around a conference table.

  • No sweat = no need to shower mid-day.

  • A mostly-seated yoga sequence to help relieve common ailments caused by sitting all day; low back pain, neck pain, leg stiffness, and shoulder, chest and upper back tightness.

  • Class can be 20-45 minutes long and is designed to fit into your day.

  • No previous yoga experience required.

Group Yoga Class:

  • Any size group can be accommodated.

  • Class can be held in any open space at your office, even if it’s just moving chairs and desks out of the way to make space.

  • You will provide a yoga mat for each person, or in exchange for providing weekly yoga for your team, ask that they provide their own mat.

  • No need for anyone to purchase special clothing. Loose comfortable clothing will be fine.

  • Yoga can be scheduled at any time during the day, and class is anywhere from 30-90 minutes long. You decide!

  • No previous yoga experience required.

Benefits of weekly yoga:

  • Emotional wellness

  • Improved strength

  • Improved flexibility, balance and postural alignment

  • Stress reduction

  • Enhanced clarity and focus

  • Easy to implement in the workplace

All yoga instructors who come to the workplace are registered through Yoga Alliance.

All mindfulness meditation instructors are certified in Jon Kabat-Zinn’s Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction through UMass Center for Mindfulness.

Lauren has taught yoga and meditation for ten years, and has practiced both for decades. She has worked for 20 years in the realms of large corporations and also small businesses. She has traveled the world providing corporate training and has also owned her own business. It is this personal experience in business that inspired her to create a wellness program devoted to busy professionals.

Lauren is also available to present one-hour sessions on mindfulness and meditation for day-long company retreats, lunch-and-learn sessions, any business event, and non-profit events.